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Feeling a bit slow today as a result of last night's Goldie Lookin' Chain gig at Islington Academy, and the quantity of booze consumed thereat. Started off with a few pints in The Angelic with Creatif, Big Jimmy and Mr and Mrs Kosso, and another friend too cool to have a website, although they're gadget fiends all... while they were busy sending virusses to each others phones, I sat mourning my lack of a personal network. Got pretty leathered really, and then on to the gig, where there was more free booze, cheers virginmobile.com1.

John the White Rapper was the only support act we saw, and I thought he was good, fast and sharp and lively and that. The venue wasn't busy at all, so we wandered to the front, and it's all a bit blurry after that. I seem to have ended up with a setlist, so I can tell you they probably played: "No Joke", "Suicide", "Shit To Me", "Mystikal", "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do", "Roller Disco", "Half Man, Half Machine", "The Maggot", "21 Ounces", "Taxi", "Love Song", and finally "Your Mother's Got A Penis".

Wish I'd taken the camera, and not drunk quite so much. The beer-scooter didn't let me down, despite getting on completely the wrong bus I managed to change in Dalston and arrive home without being murdered.

Some pics from the gig here, courtesy Creatif.

💬 Goldie Lookin' Chain

💬 John The White Rapper

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