Blog2004 ≫ There, on the stair

Forgot to mention, yesterday morning we found a little surprise in our kitchen cupboard, one mouse, deceased. It's only the cupboard we keep tins in, as we've had evidence of mice before, so it looks like the little feller got in, couldn't find any food, and then couldn't get out again.

Having some more thoughts about the home network, specifically the music side of it... Not fully digested these yet, but everyone's buzzing about Apple's Airport Express1, and in exchange for a GMail account, chum Richy has just tipped me off about sonos.com2, a neat all in one package and SliMP33, cheaper but not as smart looking... I would like something open that I can maybe tweak, was planning on using a palmtop as the controller, but I do want something that's simple for other people to use, and things I make tend not to be... that's the lesson I've learned from the Barfly backend anyway...

Bit cooler today, though I'm still feeling the heat over the failings of popex... bit annoying that as yesterday another ahem very similar thing was launched, the beast is still having issues... fixed up the file system errors, but need to do a kernel upgrade, which will mean a bit more down time. Fingers crossed!

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