Blog2004 ≫ Summer has barely started...

... but I'm fed up with Brazil already. That's probably the worst thing that can happen to a country: getting all this hype from all the wrong places. By September people will associate Brazil with cheap (or overpriced), but definitely green-and-yellow clothing.I'd rather have nobody ever hearing of this bloody country that I live in than see it turned "trendy" for a summer by some marketing teams in other countries in order to sell stuff that's got nothing to do with the country anyway.

While I was in London, my sister was in Zurich. The first thing I saw that she purchased in Switzerland (yes, in Switzerland! can you believe?) was a pair of green havaianas with the Brazilian flag on it. Other than that my sister is the coolest ever pulmonologist. She's a devoted Chumbawamba fan, she plays basketball and she smokes half a pack of Marlboros every day.

💬 I've been to Brazil, am I cool?

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