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The mighty Shed Anthems1 by MJ Hibbett and the Validators has arrived at last and it is a thing of beauty indeed, a six track sampler type mini album, in follow up to last year's This is not a Library.

I say sampler style, as it features tracks from the "spectrum" of Hibbett and the Validators output (little in joke there, hey you're welcome). We start with "Things'll be different (when I'm in charge)", a slightly politcal rant, but with the expected humourous edge. Nice touch opening with a track that's familiar to people who own the last album, it kind of eases you in. Next up is summer smash to be "The Fair Play Trophy", the saga of every serious England football outing from 1967 to the present day. This is the first studio recording of this, I never realised there was a tune to this before, I thought people were just joshing when they criticised my tuneless bellowing along at gigs! Sorry everyone!

"Billy Jones is Dead" is a live favourite of old, a whistful number, basically the theme to Friends Reunited. Great to see it have another outing, likewise the jolly aged "Primal Rhythms of the Bolivian Nose Flautist" (not actually sung by Mark). The two all new tracks are an ode to "City Centres" and a wry saga of battles of the bands, "Let The Weird Band Win".

You'd think this would be enough for just 4.991, but NO! There's a hidden audio track, and a MASSIVE amount of MP3's and things when you pop the disk into your computer.

You can get it from Amazon1 and I strongly recommend you do... see mjhibbett.com2, artistsagainstsuccess.com3 and for more info.

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