Blog2004 ≫ Lomtalants

It's so funny here this weekend where I live. The big annual LOMTALANTS is taking place. This means that if you've got something at home that you don't want anymore but is too big to put into a bin, there's a Saturday every year (always in May where I live) when you can just put your oversized garbage out on the street and they will clean it all up for free. Otherwise you have to pay extra to have huge pieces of junk transported away from you. So right now there are enormous heaps of random stuff on the street. Mostly books, furniture and clothes. But it's not only the stuff. There are all kinds of people (okay, half of them are gypsies) circling the area with trucks and cars and carriages and wheelbarrows looking out for something to make their own - it's all first come first serve. I've already seen a psycho guy this afternoon going around with a hammer. Wherever he saw a computer monitor thrown out, he started hammering it frantically, mashing it all up into bits. It feels like a big party, I like the atmosphere of it, although it's extremely messy. Think car boot sale where everybody's insane, everything's for free, but nothing's usable.

💬 How big are these books that they won't fit in a bin?

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