Blog2004 ≫ Feeling so tired I got me a headache

Had a proper night of booze last night, haven't been out in the week for ages. Saw MJ Hibbett at Soho's own 12 Bar club last night, and the place was rammed - WITH GIRLS??? Is this the power of the pop video? If they were expecting a stage show of floating Sir Clive Sinclair heads and the like, no-one showed any sign of disappointment, the man and his guitar had the room in his palm.

Good to hear the new songs, and to hear that the new songs are also good. Nice to see you, to see you... NICE! "Never going back to Aldi's" and "The Lesson of the Smiths" were particularly great. Read what Mark has to say about the gig here...

Popex dividends are still paying out, somethign broke overnight. Again.

Tokyo Dragons seem to have been proper signed now, to Island, and they release Teenage Screamers on the 14th of June.

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