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Yesterday was the first day of Hungary in the EU - for me it started with standing standing in the middle of an awfully big crowd, watching fireworks. Later a guy started playing the violin frantically and then some folk dancing came on. One of the birdges of the city has a waterfall spraying down into the Danube on both sides, on another one they planted a park for the weekend - instead of the traffic and everything there's grass. Saturday night I went on to celebrate with a friend from Croatia by being chatted up by an obviously schizofrenic woman at least ten years my senior at an open air drum'n'bass party, and by listening to German raggae band Seed, fronted by a white guy in a top hat saying things like "This one's for the European togetherness".

Also, this Saturday I'm going back to London for 2 weeks - any suggestions welcome about where to go or what to see.


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