Blog2004 ≫ Compensated Dating

'Mariko's cell phone rings. The ringer is a song by the hip new band, Dragon Ash. The tune is called That's Life. It's a rap-love combo, moaning about, what else - not letting life get you down. A good theme song for these girls. Life never gets them down and it takes Mariko less than a second to whip open her cell phone and whisper "Moshe, moshe." A few minutes later, as Yumi fixes a few loose strands of her dyed auburn hair, a four-door white Honda pulls up. The driver parks by the curb and flips on his hazards. Yumi heads over to car and yells over her shoulder to Mariko. "It's okay. Let's go."

'Mariko, always meticulous, marks down the time and date in her cell phone's digital calendar. Together, they disappear into the white Honda that, during the day drives toddlers to daycare. Much later, they flow back home a little wasted on Asahi Super Dry beer, in need of a shower but 8,000 yen richer.'

This isn't a new phenomenon, but it's currently a big issue in Japan. They reckon 2% or more of 13-16-year-old girls are having sex for money, and far, far more than that are getting paid just for 'dating'.

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