Blog2004 ≫ Shaun of the Dead

Saw Shaun of the Dead at last, see for more details on it... I am so glad it was as good as I'd hoped, and was surprised that as well as being funny and cool and a bit gory, there were also moving and sentimental bits. I had the slightest hint of a tear in my eye when Queen's "Your My Best Friend" was used on the soundtrack. Absolutely ace film, like a feature length Spaced episode, but with killing.

The Snooker seems to have been a bit lively today, with Quentin Hann and Andy Hicks seemingly nearly coming to blows... all this while we were out shopping. Quentin Hann seems to be a bit of a tosser, and now we're getting worried that we may have misjudged Stephen Lee, who we've hated since we first saw him have a run in with Quentin a couple of years back.

Great to hear Portsmouth beat Man U, that puts them a bit closer to safety!

The rest of the weekend's been a bit quiet. A few drinks in The Defoe then a great meal at Il Bacio on Friday, then after our trip to the cinema - Warner Village Islington, now known as Islington Vue we just came back and watched more Buffy.

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