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In all honesty, part of me isn't all that suprised she does think she's great looking. Look at the way the general public thinks "beauty" is: huge tits and a small brain. I think Keira is the fucking BEST looking person in the world and if anyone says anything different about that, provided they wake up at all by the time I'm finished with them,they won't know who the hell they are, much less who the hottest person on Eart (Keira Knightley) is. If I ever find out that some asshole was the one to tell Keira that she's not pretty, I will hunt them down, kill them and if the police ever find any body parts, they will be so shredded and mutilated that no-one on earth will know who it once was. I'm shocked that she doesn't get asked out very much, but part of me thinks it's because she so good looking, smart and a movie star. Most people would feel a little awkward about dating a movie star when you're nothing at all compared to her. If I ever had the chance, I'd ask her out, and if anything did start between us, I would assure you that she would know she's beautiful and loved. There, that's my little rant.

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