PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ Colin Firth

Waterstones in Winchester (that's the high street)

Christmas Eve (I know, but it's the first time 've been on Popex in ages). It was 4 in the afternoon and he came in to panic buy some books. Presumably he was staying at his parents in one of the very big houses nearby. Anyway, he got a couple of good ones (Jonathan Franzen, erm, some others I don't remember now) and he got some TOSS. I'm talking about this series of 'humourous' books called the poo-poo people, which they brought out before Christmas. They're like a Mr. Men pisstake, they're dreadful, and he bought the lot.

Also I'd like to add that he could have been any well-off 40-ish Wincastrian, we only noticed him when a friend went "you see that bloke over there? He looks like Colin Firth innit." So there.

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