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St who? Home from where? St Anne's Home is a huge institution of some kind right near our house, and we're not sure what it is. Rumour is it's a nunnery or something, but you never see anyone in there moving about, so possibly it's some sort of retirement home. Just spotted in a free thing distributed by Hackney Council that it's to be demolished, and hundreds of new flats are to be built in it's place, sounds sensible. There is a plan to keep some of it as a care facility I think, but I can find no mention of the place at all online, let alone the redevelopment plans.

Slightly concerning story for all bus-riding Stokey residents in Metro today, the new bendy busses (which are going to replace the existing 73 double-deckers) are having to undergo extra safety checks after a spate of fires on them recently, including on on Park Lane on Saturday. Ah, BBC got the story, and also The Guardian1. They're officially called Citaros, not bendy-busses. The savethe73.com2 campaign must be loving this new fear, only the busses are at risk, no-one has been hurt.

Just remembered, progress on the flat, the contract and the deed of variation are with me now, and the restrictive clauses in the lease have been removed. Just got to post the contract back and then wait for completion...

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