Blog2004 ≫ Pet Shop Boys review

Was a bit squiffy, don't remember much of it, first we went to the Lock Tavern, then we went into the Barfly...

The stage was very nicely set out, they surrounded that end of the Barfly in mirrors, and even had a mirrored floor. Chris had big sunglasses and a big hat on, over what looked like big hair, and he performed the whole gig behind a big Powerbook. Neil had a big bald patch, and when he was stood in front of the curved mirrors, it looked about four foot across. I have some pictures, I will attempt to make sense of them and post them up here.

They played lots of songs, some of them I remember them saying "we've never done this live before", but I don't really remember what any of them were, sorry.

Aha, there's a setlist at


Now I think about it I can remember "We're the Pet Shop Boys", but nothing terribly clearly past that.

💬 Pet Shop Boys pictures

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