Blog2004 ≫ The Darkness Pictures

Bumped into a friend last night in the pub who'd just got some photos back from another friend, from a night out about two years ago. I remembered going drinking, but had forgotten that we ended up going to see The Darkness at Metro on Oxford Street, so this must have been June 12th or September 6th according to anyway, dull details aside, I've been hoping to find pictures of this gig for a while, as I now own the t-shirt that Justin Hawkins is wearing in this picture2. Not a t-shirt like, it, but that actual one, I'm nearly ready to start my own Hard Rock Cafe, Dan, send me one of your Thin Lizzy numbers willya..?

Thanks again to Ralph for acquiring the t-shirt at the time, and apologies again to Justin... That's a photo of one of the photos, hence the low quality, the glare and the greasy thumb prints (can you scan my DNA off that?) I'll get some better quality images up as soon as these are scanned in... if you have any Darkness Pictures please leave a message here...

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