Blog2004 ≫ Progress on the flat

Got a bundle back from my solicitor yesterday, there's loads of restrictions in the lease, I hope it's all standard stuff... awaiting an official report though, this info was just to give me an idea, the solicitor is going to sum it up and tell me what's bad. The environmental search was mostly reassuring (we're at no danger of flooding or collapsing mineshafts) and the AGM minutes were quite twee.

Getting close to my hosting limits here, done 2 gigabytes of data transfer this month... I think it's because of the pictures, I shouldn't go over the limit now, but if the site disappears, that's why... google ad stats say I've done 123,000 pages so far this month, that can't all be people search for her out of pirates of the carribean can it?

Daily complaint, a really really slow journey in today, total bus jam at Finsbury Park, it was a car broken down at the traffic lights though, not just bad planning.

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