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Goldie Lookin' Chain tickets went on sale today for London and Birmingham, see for purchasing options... SMART!

Music Passport has thrown up a few difficulties, the winners have all been notified, but possibly some of them didn't check the details of what they were entering for. I know of two people who've won (odd enough in itself, but there's more) and didn't realise that they'd entered for gigs not in their town... There is no swapping of tickets, I hope these gigs are going to be full enough...

Further 106 carnage today, took too long to get in, just down to their not being room for a bus and another vehicle to pass each other on Manor Road - if you are a Stoke Newington road planner, please get rid of the parking spaces along there. The journey now is as slow as when we were on diversion. Plea over.

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