PopEx ≫ 2004 ≫ Jim Bob Book Tour

Not actually a Carter USM tour, but still...

Ex Carter USM singer JIM BOB tours again in MAY playing his usual mix of new solo material and old Carter classics.

He will also be reading extracts from his fantastic new Carter autobiography "GOODNIGHT JIM BOB - On The Road With Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine" published by CHERRY RED BOOKS and in the shops in June.

The book tells the story of Jim's ten years gigging with Carter and very funny it is too.

Jim captures the very essence of life on and off the road for the 90s' least likely pop stars. Like you, I was there, and this book takes me right back. A good dash of Hammer Of The Gods, a healthy glug of Ian Hunter's Diary Of A Rock 'n' Roll Star, and absolutely no trace of Sting's Broken Music, this book will mean a lot to anyone who fought the indie rock wars." Andrew Collins (Writer and Broadcaster)

Jim Bob will be signing and selling special advance copies of the book on the tour.


MAY 2004

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