Blog2004 ≫ Pixies Tickets Sold Out

How about those pixies tickets then? I have hauled myself out of bed particularly early, only to find they're all sold out before we even got a sniff of them? I guess this means there are sure to be extra dates added.

Hey Deano, when something's highlighted on this page, it hopefully means you can click on it and find more mentions of the same thing, it's not all a scam honest...

Plan for the day: Mum and Dad and Nan are coming to have a look at the flat in Earls Avenue, then lunch in Chambers probably, then a bit of a walk round or something. Went to Chambers last night too, feel like crap now.

Have been doing some searching for the Metronome as I thought someone had said The Pixies had played there, but I got it wrong. This is why I can find almost no mention of the place on Google... found a complete listings of UK Pixies gigs at

For a chance of pixies tickets see

💬 Feeling like Shit !!!!!

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