Blog2004 ≫ Progress on the flat

Got some paperwork back from the solicitor, including a plan of the street and a plan of the flat, to make sure I know what I'm buying, what the propery boundaries are etc... Also got the fixtures and fittings schedule back, bah she's not leaving the curtains, but thankfully neither is she leaving the huge cabinet that was dominating the living room (top right on the plan)... the rest of the furniture's been out when we've viewed it, but that had been left, we were worried it would be staying... with that out of the room we'll have plenty of room for the pool table...

Plan of the flat in Earls Avenue

Speaking of pool I'm pleased to announce I'm back on form after a disappointing run of being beaten by Clare, I think tonight there'll be another convincing thrashing in The Defoe, where we're off to in a minute...

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