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Just noticed that there's been a press release this week about the new 73, on - they announce officially that they're introducing the 18 metre long bendy bus on this route, between Victoria and Tottenham (taking in Stokey on the way of course)...

The new busses should be safer, ie there's less chance of falling out the back, but then you don't have the convenience of jumping on and off at traffic lights. I suspect there will be more delays along Stoke Newington Church Street, and the ongoing pay before boarding issue will be extended right up to Stokey... they're introducing ticket machines all along the route to help with this though.

Also "Some buses would continue to operate in service beyond Stoke Newington to Tottenham Swan", so I guess this means the bendy bus will terminate at Stokey? Don't think I've taken the 73 any further anyway.

The N73 night bus will continue to use double deck buses, they don't dare send their new kit out on the streets at night...

There's a page here all about the history of route 73: - and also of it's less loved colleague here:

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