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Up early today, maybe because we were out all last night without drinking, so feeling a bit spritelier than normal...

Went to see Return of the King at Warner Village Islington, good film, though I didn't think it was better than the other two. Annoying crowd as always... I'm sure every reviewer will say how HILARIOUS the one liners from Gimli were, though they were nothing special, I'm sure there was no need for everyone to bark with glee every time he said something, bah humbug. We had really crap seats, 2 rows from the front, so I'm not in a hurry to go to that cinema again, not unless row five is available. You can't trust their automated booking system to choose the best seats available. In it's favour the sound is fantastic, you could hear and feel the sheer weight of the huge rocks being lobbed around during the battle scenes. There were a few slow points, though not as many as you'd think in three and a half hours.

Ah, poor Eowyn, what happened to her then? I would have gone for her, not the dreary elf woman. All the elvish bits annoyed me, it seems as if to make up for there being no subtlety in the film at all (apart from the homoerotic subtext, and all the dope smoking, safe as, clart!) they've gone "if we make this soft focus, speak a bit slower and quieter, that'll add a balance to all the running and fighting". I really did enjoy it though. I went to the actual premier of Fellowship of the Ring you know2.

Just spotted a problem with the new board form template, you don't need to hit the submit button, just clicking the return key in the subject field submits, will sort that...

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