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...which I am being forced to write so my boyfriend can read what I have been doing and what I am thinking at all times. This weekend was fairly unproductive. We did make the effort to go shopping but gave up in despair after an hour or two. Too many sodding people. Not that anywhere is likely to be quiet enough for my low tolerance levels on a Saturday close to Christmas, but Lakeside was a bad move. It really is grim there. Bluewater is slightly better so maybe we will brave that another weekend.Had a good evening though. Went to the Ten Bells (an old Ripper pub) and then for a fantastic curry near Whitechapel. Had to queue for ages for a table but well worth the wait. Today we went to Spitalfields, mainly for the Square Pies but we did have a cursory glance round the stalls. Again it was just too busy. grrr. Think I will buy all my pressies on line next year.

💬 Good work sos!

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