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I agree (in a way!). I thought the 22s were good and I liked the way some of the band stayed to cheer stellastarr∗ later on. It's just a shame that where I was standing (front left) how the vocals sounded too muffled. Not the fault of any of the bands that played that night though.

I did like the Ordinary Boys (unlike my two acquaintances who thought them rather too ordinary), but didn't quite think they fitted in with the other bands. I think The Jam comparisons are a little wide of the mark, but I wish them well.

Neither of the support bands have that wow factor that stellastarr∗ oozed as soon as they came on.

I was actually quite impressed with the new venue, although it's some way off being rough around the edges enough to give it that gritty atmosphere you yearn for. That floor REALLY is far too polished for my liking!

Geez... what was it with those drinks prices? (question mark). You'd think with the unashamed promotion of the name that Carling would be flowing out of the taps and they'd be paying us punters to drink the damned stuff (gassy is not the word for it!).

I was proud of my gf, Miriam, who despite being warned not to take photos, carried on regardless (well at least when the security guy wasn't looking!) and took some mighty fine shots of the 22s and stellastarr∗ (one in particular is bloody amazing!).



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