Blog ≫ 2003 ≫ Darkness download!

Got the option to sell this download through the site... I'm not convinced that these paid downloads will earn much yet, but it's good to test it out on a band I like... it's audio from the Darkness Homecoming show at the Astoria...

Artist: The Darkness Title: Carling Homecoming The Darkness Live At The London Astoria Content Package: Audio from the gig plus downloadable artwork. First 500 customers get limited edition artwork. Price: 1/1.50 SMS per track, 3 per side (4 sides in style of double live vinyl), 10 for whole album (NB no SMS option for sides or whole album) Release Date: Midnight Saturday 6th December - after the show airs on Channel 4. DRM: Windows Media File, burnable 3 times, transferable to compatible portable devices, prompt to buy a licence when forwarded to a friend

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Wed Nov 26 2003

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