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Got to start this week with a big hinge1, JOY of a journey in this morning, it seems the 106 has been diverted away from it's2 normal diversion so now it doesn't go past Stoke Newington station or along our bit of Manor Road at all. But there have been no notices about this, so we were stood at the stop for half an hour waiting. Bus driver said that it had to be moved away from it's normal diverted route because of traffic light failure there, but it's pretty crap that they couldn't send someone along the normal route to put up some signs saying "don't wait here"...

Fine day for some stupid kids to be jumping in front of the bus down my the park waving banners saying NO 106... I understand there have been petitions to get the bus rediverted away from the school and that, but the firt time I see protesters was the one day the bus wasn't going near the school. Any excuse to get out of lessons for them I suppose... Then there was a signal failure at Chalk Farm, so all in all it was about a one and three quarter hour journey in. I'm getting right disillusioned with London right now, I could commute in from the seaside in that sort of time3!

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