PopEx ≫ 2003 ≫ Julian Casablanca and The Strokes

Bowery Ballroom

The Strokes Secret Show for KROCK radio 11/4/03 @ 10:00pm

While we were waiting outside Hilary is like, "LOOK!" and Its Albert Hammond Jr. Just chilling outside. FREAK OUT!! So we're in there and Regina is playing again, boring. Finally Julian comes out and hes hot and amazing and the whole band is out there rocking. And I remember I have those undies I had made especially for Julian! And I throw them at his face. And he starts laughing as does the rest of the crowd. So!!!! He picks them up and wears them on his HEAD! AND AT THIS POINT I WAS FREAKING OUT! HE HAD MY PANTIES ON HIS BEAUTIFUL HEAD LIKE A HELMET!!!!! He finally took them off after many minutes and threw them at Nick Valensi, We were so incredibly close I was practically breathing for Julian! The Undies got caught on Nick's guitar and they were just chilling tthere for a while and Nick was like "Whaaaaa," and he threw them back at me and I threw them back at Julian and they fell on the stage, and chilled there for the rest of the time. Then Julian, as drunk as he was, kept like falling into the crowd and at one point I was holding onto his arm so much I wasnt even excited because it was like I had been holding it for an infinity. Then he came again and I pulled up his pant leg and was stroking his ankle. Then me and Hilary were just stroking his face

So we walk out of this amazing concert, and the second I walk out and Drew Barrymore is just chilling there talking to someone and Im like "aw hey drew" and shes like "hey whatsup" then I get pushed back by some black guy, and I see Julian and I grab his arm and Im like, "aw Julian I love you" and hes like "Aw I love you too" and I gave him a kiss on his forhead and it was so incredibly beautiful. And I love him, and he wore my panties on his head as a helmet


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