Blog2003 ≫ Bus Madness

The chaos on Manor Road started today, with the 106 being diverted down towards Stoke Newington Church Street, made a simple journey very long indeed... Lordship Road looks like it would be a nice place to live though, when the busses aren't going down there... cars were parked all up it meaning the busses had to go on the pavement, and it goes right past a primary school, great planning.

In other travel news, the Northern Line up to Chalk Farm reopened today.

Just remembered, I had a messed up dream about computer virusses, very bizarre... some German website wants to advertise on popex, their site is all in German and is something to do with insurance... in the dream it was all a trick and the website somehow infected all UNIX computers... it's definitely not too much cheese before bed time, but it must be something...

💬 PopEx and Barfly again

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