Blog2003 ≫ International Talk Like A Pirate Day


On a spoddy note I am posting this image without using an IMG tag, I've done it as an object instead... this means I can include [HTML](/wiki/#html) in the equivalent of the ALT tag, and no-one should see a broken image thing... just learned it, as the proper way for including applets etc. Isn't it ace to learn something new each day?

Oh, you'll only be [reading](/wiki/#reading) this if the image didn't load for some reason. It should be a picture of me, as a [pirate](/wiki/#pirates), in [Las Vegas](/wiki/#las/vegas), in May [2003](/wiki/#2003)... Hmm, can't embed another anchor within this...

Right, so MSIE doesn't recognise that object above, it appears as a text box here, should be a smashing pirate picture...

💬 Redesign

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