Blog2003 ≫ Meeting Ticketmaster at 10.30

There seems to have been a glut of account hackings today and yesterday, well two anyway, so a bit of popex admin to start the day. Now a meeting...

Updated admin mail to include daily attendance figures, and reports on missing figures. Exciting.

Am in trouble for selling too many tickets in the big names (robbie williams, justin timberlake, rolling stones etc) in the previous, as they would sell out anyway, so they don't really need to pay an affilliate to sell them. Shows that would sell out made up 71% of my sales. This quarter though, they made up less than 25% of sales, so we're back in favour. Looks like there is no chance of earning a commission on worldwide ticket sales, not even Ireland, as Ticketmaster have no competition there so don't need to pay commissions, but we might be able to get some Irish listings in, without buy buttons. One slightly more positive thing was we're going to set up a seperate affiliate code for the emails, see how they're performing.

Ha, also popbitch got rejected for the google adwords scheme, possibly for "Hate, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization"... I heard got rejected too and are kicking up a fuss about it1, without success. I'm keeping my head down, this is earning me nearly ten dollars a week here. I'll be able to retire by the time I'm 800.

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