Blog2003 ≫ More virus action

Started getting hit with virusses via a "list owner" email address - I am admin for the popex punters1 list, and have bene hit a couple of times at the address that's associated with that... I guess every owner of every list is susceptible, all you need is a list of groups (available from the site) and then slap on the end.

Lots of popex admin today, will finish the new listings provision, and have some sort of meeting about hosting, oh joy. Ah, cancelled, that's more like it.

Sending out a mailout for Barfly Cardiff, they missed an important announcement off it, someone here thought they'd fixed it at the 11th hour, but it didn't work, so need to tell all their members that The Webb Brothers are appearing there... Going to resend the London listings too, as they ended up with the news piece about the The Webb Bros that should have gone to the Cardiff lot... While I'm at it, need to change the listings mail, so that it sends out "group listings", ie Barfly Liverpool Bar listings get merged in with Barfly Liverpool Theatre listings, etc.

STILL, drinking action tonight, probably the Lock Tavern2, and then tomorrow off to the free Limp Bizkit gig in Finsbury Park. Unless it's raining.

💬 Two fat ladies divided by two little ducks

💬 London On London

💬 Limp Bizkit

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