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I thought of a few of things about the film - if "Bootstrap" Bill Turner was tied to an anchor and thrown into the depths after they'd stolen the cursed gold, then right up to the point where Will (Orlando Bloom) bleeds over the gold, his dad is out there somewhere, still in a zombie state at the bottom of the sea... how long had the pirates been at sea trying to track down the gold? At least since the flashback / dream at the beginning, where Orlando and Keira looked about 11. So, say they're 21 now, surely the zombie Bill Turner could have made his way out of the water in that time?

ALSO, the little nod to the Crimson Pirate mentioned above is where they tip the rowing boat over and walk along the bottom of the sea in it. How is it they can walk along the bottom of the sea, in either film? The boat is still displacing as much water if it has air under it, so why doesn't it float? Also HOW CAN THEY TURN INTO SKELLINGTONS AND BACK INTO MEN AGAIN??? I know I am reading too much into a fantasy film, but I have been curious if the boat tips over / traps air / men travel under the water breathing the trapped air since I first saw it1...

One more thing that I could explain properly to Clare, how did Jack Sparrow slide down the "death slide" type rope when his hands were tied together? If one hand was undone, he could throw the chain over the rope and grab it with the other hand, but as we see him trying to break free after he's slid down, it looks like he was still sealed up, so assuming the rope is securely fixed at the top and the bottom rope would involve joining two unbroken loops together.

If he had enough chain he could double it over, that would work. ZZZZZ I'm boring myself now... There IS a website dedicated to this2 will go see if they had the same questions... Oh. They did.

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