Blog2003 ≫ Natural History Museum

Spent an exhausting day yesterday at the Natural History Museum with the nephews, first time I've been there since I can remember. They have a whole lot of dead animals there! It's reassuring that they're still not killing animals to put in jars and that. The most important bit for me - LUNCH1 in the canteen - was very disappointing, 3.50 for just a small plate chips and beans? I think the museum loses out by over charging here, as people are less likely to give a contribution thinking "they've had enough at the gift shop / cafe", but the cafe is probably outsourced and doesn't make money for the museum... what a mistaka-to-maka!

Went back to the Chinese I couldn't remember the name of for dinner (looking for Haikssun, or Haiksun?), I will avoid the Peking bean curd next time, but apart from that it's ace. Shame it's so far down Stoke Newington Church Street and I was collecting, but normally they deliver.

Covent Garden today, Artists Againts Success night tonight in Brixton and Science Museum tomorrow.

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