Thanks for the stuff

Thanks for the stuff

Thanks today to One Minute Silence for the "One Lie Fits All" album, out on the 14th, The Bluetones for "Never Going Nowhere" out on the 11th of August, Real Shocks for the CD's (please leave out the photos next time though guys), and also Stereophonics for "Maybe Tomorrow" out on the 21st. Well, I say "thanks", really I mean "please don't send me any more Stereophonics stuff", unless it's something I can sell easily.

Reviews coming in a bit, I have HEADPHONES today and will be spouting forth on everything on my desk.

The Bluetones are on tour throughout August, tickets here and The Stereophonics are touring the enormo-hangars in November, though it's mostly sold out...

I think I forgot to say thankyou last week for the Louder Than The Crowd double alternative album, out 21st July, and the new new mighty handful...

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Fri Jul 11 2003

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