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Hey, they're clearing away a load of dumped cars on Manor Road, lifting them onto the back of trucks... not sure all of them were actually dumped, none were wrecks or burned out. Didn't take a picture as I was afeared of either being chased away by the police or being mistaken for a tabloid reader taking part in one of their campaigns against traffic wardens. Brothers, I'm right with you, clamp 'em all!

Heard a good new "urban legend" type story, this REALLY HAPPENED last week1:

On the medical note...

my other half is currently working in an A&E dept. The other day a distressed chap comes in saying he had been raped and something was left up his ringer. Only wanted to be examined by a female doc with a female nurse present and was now scared of men. Doc starts to examine him, (no sign of rape but something is up his arse). suddenly he turns over, had a stonker on, doesnt touch himself but sits there and ejaculates. Apparantly this geezer is doing it across all the a&e depts in London. Sick fuck

indiana, 10:14 17/6

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