Blog2003 ≫ Eating in Alcudia

Places we ate, while I remember... hotelbahiadealcudia.com1 where we were half board had a big buffet affair for breakfast and tea, and they were both a bit grim. La Traviata on Avenida de Mexico has aspirations, but was similarly awful, possibly because we avoided the traditional Spanish food, but mostly because of the severed bulls heads decorating the place. We only went in as we were busting for the toilet. La Villa chinese restaurant on Carretera de Arta wasn't good either, they forgot my tofu and Clare says her chicken wasn't the best. Bit of a rice and chips style chinese, but that's because I had rice and chips. Rice you can't go wrong with but the chippies had been fried before and were grease-tastic.

Bons Aires was by far the best place we went to in Alcudia, it's on Calle Mariners, in Port Alcudia and was fantastic. Good service (seemed to be just one guy running everything) and fantastic italian food and coffee. I didn't get to grips with the Spanish wine all the time I was there it all tasted dusty, like the water.

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