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A friend has a real promo of The Darkness' debut album Permission To Land and it's SOLID GOLD. Ah no, but it's in a gold sleeve... as a mere webmonkey I am not allowed a copy yet, but hopefully won't have to wait until it's actually out on July 7 through Must Destroy Music / Mushroom Records.

Says frontman Justin of the album;

Permission To Land is less of a request to moor the good ship Darkness, rather a demand to shift the rest of the shite cluttering up Rock's runway.

For many moons, we have been bracing ourselves for a shift in the public's perception of The Darkness from underdogs to world-beaters. Our debut album will undoubtably be a catalyst for this transition. About fucking time, too!

The band also hit the Festival circuit throughout the summer catch them at Isle of Wight, T-In-The-Park, Reading and Leeds Festivals as well as supporting Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd on their Arena tour and Metallica in Dublin...

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Tue May 27 2003

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