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Earlimart, bit like Grandaddy.

Got the Earlimart album "Everyone Down Here" today and on first listen it's a bit too "ambient" for me (probably not the right word, probably you learn the real words for things at university or something), anyway it's a bit moody, sort of like Mercury Rev or a slower Grandaddy... never mind the music though missus, check out my packaging! It comes in a lovely sleeve with a little pocket for a poster, and the disk itself has MP3's of the song on plus the regular album... NICE!

Buy it here, you might like it1.

Earlimart are on tour, with Grandaddy, in June, just a little one though:

+Birmingham Academy, June 10th +Bristol University, 11th +London Astoria, 12th

Get tickets here...Everyone Down Here1 is released on the 9th of June and thre's a really cheeky 7" single called "Burning The Cow" out now...

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