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After a very short pub crawl yesterday (couple of smashing pints in The Defoe, then no drinks in Bar Lorca, as their "all cocktails 9 a jug" offer turned out to be a lie, then the Coach and Horses]]) we did end up going to The Royal Bengal in the end. Very nice place, it's all new, so it's very clean and smart looking still, all painted white with shiny things and glass everywhere... My Sabzee Haleem was a bit dull really, I was expecting somethign a bit hot and sour like from the Shamsudeen just down the road, but it didn't taste of much and seemed to be motly carrot and cabbage in it. All the meat eaters said it was fantastic and would recommend it though, and it looks to be the place if you want something different and fishy, they do oysters and Lobster and all sorts. Came to about 20 quid a head with half a bottle of wine each.

Saw someone from the Wheatsheaf in the Defoe, and so decided to go there to play pool this evening, as we've been neglecting it. Back in time for 24 though, obviously.

Oh yeah, another thing that put me off Bar Lorca was the children running around it. I'm not that old am I?

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