Electric Six Tour

Electric Six Tour

Electric Six were top last night, they're like a big rock caberet Village People, ace... Sounds a bit dismissive doesn't it, sorry... Not the campness of the Village People, just that there is one there for everyone - there's the one who's like Neil Young, the one who looks like Jim Reid, the one who looks like [come back and fill the names in later when I've read a review by someone who'd drunk less], and so on...

The singer is particularly ace, a cross between Brian Johnson and Rob Halford. Had to leave the room after they'd played the current single as it was RAMMED, it's a bit of a treat to see hot bands in tiny venues like the Barfly.

Crimea are brilliant too, much different to what I expected... I never saw The Crocketts, but thought they'd be sort of noisy jangly indie, like the one single "Cars and Football" I have... They were more like say Pavement though, crossed with someone more accessible indie girl pop like Placebo or the Stereophonics.

Here's the rest of the Electric Six forthcoming dates...

Manchester Night and Day (24th Oct) Glasgow, Nice and Sleazy (25th) Nottingham Social (26th) London Trash (28th) New York Bowery Ballroom (31st)

You can get tickets for some of those UK shows here... That NY show is part of the CMJ festival (but you'll be at The Darkness' gig won't you?) and you can't normally get Trash tix in advance, try winning them off XFM...

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Thu Oct 24 2002

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