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Darkness rising in the West...

Went to see THE DARKNESS in Notting Hill last night... free entry before 8pm, but we worked out that the extra we'd spend on overpriced booze there would negate the saving, so went a bit later, only to be TURNED AWAY as it was SOLD OUT! Went for another beer and thought we'd try again just before the band came on, and luckily saw their manager who got us in, cool beans, thanks Sue...

The Darkness totally rocked West London. Maybe Dazed and Confused (ten page spread on the band in this issue) sells more copies out that way, or maybe it was their featurette in the Guardian Guide, or maybe it was their full page feature in Kerrang this week, or their airplay on XFM and Radio One, or just maybe it was people who'd heard them being bigged up here.

It was a star studded event and no mistake, more on stalking heads.

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