PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Win Black Rebel Tickets! Quick!

You might be too late for the tickets, but enter the other competition for rarities...

RIGHT, as promised earlier, I have got you a chance to get free tickets and a chance to win a nice single...

First off, if you are going to the gig, what the band want is to look out and see a sea of clones. So, wear a black leather jacket basically. Take pictures of yourself, scan them in, and send them to brmc@electriccake.com, subject marked "Black Leather Jacket". The best looking of you will win a v. rare BRMC 7". Deadline is 17 May 2002.

Also, hello Nottingham, we have tickets for you for the 15th... To win answer this:

In the video for "Spread Your Love", what mode of transportation was Nick Jago waiting to get on? Is it a BUS, is it a TRANE or is it a PLANE? Answers to brmc@electriccake.com

Make sure you include your phone number, address and current email address! Winners will be notified via email / phone.

(Not to make it too easy, but the video's up on http://www.blackrebelmotorcycleclub.com)

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This content originally from my very popular (in the late nineties) site popex.com. Parts were written by other people, but mainly originally created by me. I shifted this content here when popex eventually closed down at the start of the '00s. Hopefully this ignites memories assuming you find it.