PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Day of ROCK (part one)

The Catheters. Charming.

I am in my own little one man mosh pit right now, I am listening to The Catheters... they're straight out of Seattle, but would only have been eleven years old when Kurt died (8 years ago today wasn't it?)...

They're on tour in May, starting out our beloved Barfly](http://www.barflyclub.com) (Chalk Farm Road, That London) on Tuesday 21st of May, then on to

+ [Exeter](/wiki/#exeter) Cavern Club, 22nd
+ Northampton Soundhaus, 23rd
+ Liverpool Stanley [Theatre](/wiki/#theatre), 24th
+ Coventry Coliseum, 25th
+ [Glasgow](/wiki/#glasgow) King Tut's, 27th
+ Manchester Road House, 28th
+ Cardiff [Barfly](/wiki/#barfly), 29th
+ [Nottingham](/wiki/#nottingham) Rock City, 30th
+ [Oxford](/wiki/#oxford) Zodiac, 31st and
+ [Hastings](/wiki/#hastings) Crypt, 1st of June

I'd get tickets quick if I was you...

The album is called Static Delusions and Stone Still Days (click here to get it)1 and it's out on the 20th of May...

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