PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Who's that t*sser in the Carter shirt?

Proper Abdoujaparov album, and it's ace...

Not only am I wearing an old Carter USM t-shirt today (which is generating a lot of comments - mostly "that's aged well, do you never wash your clothes?") but I've got the first proper Abdoujaparov album "Air Odeon Disco Pub", and it's fantastic.

Mostly it's fast and punky and not dissimilar to Carter at their peak, but there's something less bitter about it. So maybe he (Les "Fruitbat" Carter, half of Carter USM, you knew that though, yeah?) has mellowed a bit. Or maybe not, some of sounds very angry. It's full of contradictions this one, still, keeps it interesting, something for everyone, etc.

It's not out until May the 6th, but if you can't wait for a taster you can get the single Emergency Medical Hologram1, it came out a couple of months ago.

The album also features Jim Bob, Martin Bell (the fiddle player, not the sleaze-buster), a Mott The Hoople cover, at least one valued popex punter, and a really, really neat scrap book thing too.

Sorry, had to change that from tosser to t*sser as headlines go in the email, and loads of companies and schools bounce the mail back if I put in naughty words. That subject is from the lyrics of "Fish Face", on the album.

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