PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Papa Roach Geezer/Frontman Coby Dick

Dino's Italian Resteraunt nr Oxford Street London

What do you think they were doing? Having lunch of course!! I was waiting for my Visa results from the American Embassy around the corner and found this little Italian Resteraunt to go have my dinner. I'm sitting down to eat my Chicken All' Allegio or whatever it was called when in walks the singer of Papa Roach with some other dude. Sorry othere dude but I didn't recognise ya whoever you are. Anyway I know Coby had a Peroni (Italian Beer for the uninitiated) but that's about all. I did go up after my meal and congratulate Coby on a "Wikkid Album" but didn't bug him for an autograph as I though it was rude during food! He did say "Cheers Man" and "Peace" after I said "Enjoy the food". Hi head looked a bit mashed up, guess he took a dive off stage or summit.

Oh yeah I got the Visa wahoo!

Oh yeah the time and date was Tuesday August 29th 2001 about 1.30PM.


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