Blog ≫ 2001 ≫ A gig for the cockneys

If you're not going to Kylie Minogue, Soft Cell, Westlife, or any of the other sold out extravaganzae in the capital, then I've got a lovely selection box of indie pop for you tomorrow. If you're near to East London.

There are four bands play tomorrow night at the sit-down-TASTIC Spitz, in Spitalfields Market, East London.

Tompaulin (always seem to be compared to Belle and Sebastian, but this press release mentions THE STOOGES, have I got the right band?), Airport Girl, Finlay and Tempertwig will be entertaining the masses, from 8pm.

Don't be late, it's laid out in a caberete stylee, and there are probably already people camped outside to get the best tables.

See you at the bar...

💬 Tompaulin

⬅️ :: Alistair Stewart (Him off Police Camera ACTION!) ➡️
Fri Mar 16 2001

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