PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ A gig for the cockneys

A big show at Spitz, Spitalfields Market, tomorrow night...

If you're not going to Kylie Minogue, Soft Cell, Westlife, or any of the other sold out extravaganzae in the capital, then I've got a lovely selection box of indie pop for you tomorrow. If you're near to East London.

There are four bands play tomorrow night at the sit-down-TASTIC Spitz, in Spitalfields Market, East London.

Tompaulin (always seem to be compared to Belle and Sebastian, but this press release mentions THE STOOGES, have I got the right band?), Airport Girl, Finlay and Tempertwig will be entertaining the masses, from 8pm.

Don't be late, it's laid out in a cabaret stylee, and there are probably already people camped outside to get the best tables.

See you at the bar...

💬 Tompaulin

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