PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Last minute reprieve...

Got there in the end...

Big thanks to NME (who I won't hear a bad word against) for sorting out last minute access to the Cooper Temple Clause gig last night...

For those wondering just how the CTC would cope with the hugest stage of their career so far (when usually the six-piece are crammed into a space smaller than the average garden shed), well, they turned the volume to ELEVEN. It was like being speared through the heart and the brain with some kind of sonic death lance last night at the Astoria.

Still the feller who, um, not sure what he does apart from sit on the floor, sat on the floor, but this time he had an BIG CUSHION.

The band played to slowly filling auditorium, London's transport problems didn't do them any favours, but they made the most of this last minute opportunity.

Elbow, also playing this NME / Carling extravaganza seemed to be halfway between The Beta Band and Coldplay, which technically makes them Radiohead I suppose... well worth a listen to again, as they're quite hard to get a grip on first time round.

Also, that Ed Harcourt; he's a bit good innit?

💬 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

💬 Doves

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