PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Ken Explains Tube Strike Chaos Confusion Catastrophe

Red Ken has made an arse of it

Ken Livingstone (he likes newts, but not pigeons) has at last spoken out on the cause of yesterday's tube chaos.

"It's all down to that Bob Kiley", he claimed.

Bob Kiley, former NYC Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman was appointed by Mayor Ken as "Transport Commissioner" for London, but there seems to have been a mix up - "I thought I was getting Kylie Minogue".

If Ken can't appoint Henry's girlfriend Bronwyn before the weekend, then ASLEF (who represent 80% of all tube drivers) will be out on strike again on Monday the 12th, and the 19th of February.

Bob Kiley is 65, and doesn't have nearly as nice a backside as Kylie Minogue.

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