PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Saturday @ The Brats

An REVIEW, of The Strokes, Trail Of Dead, RFTC, and Peaches...

Saturday night's NME / Carling / Brats gig started at the obscenely early our of SIX, with Peaches. Why was I expecting a band? And a Stranglers tribute band at that..? She is a she, and a slightly rude Canadian girl rapper to boot. It was an interesting contrast to the male dominated rock of the rest of the show, but she didn't really reach her audience being on first like that, when people are still queueing to get in...

The Strokes played next, and seeing them live, it's easier to appreciate the Velvet Underground comparisons... Julian Casablancas has an amazing voice, full of depth, but with a bit of a twang too, so sometimes he sounds like Beck, sometimes Dylan, and sometimes like Lou Reed. They're only in this country for two more dates (tonight in Bristol, and Wednesday at London's Barfly Club), before heading back to the US of States... Miss them at your peril. See thestrokes.com for more details.

Rocket From The Crypt followed, and being away / low key / whatever for a while hasn't done them any favours, they just didn't sound as exciting as last time they were over...

Likewise, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead didn't seem to be at their best, but possibly it was "gig fatigue" on my part. Glad I didn't leave before they end though, as they SMASHED THE BLUDDY PLACE RIGHT UP, which is always entertaining.

And then we did not go dancing and drinking further, we went home.

💬 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

💬 Doves

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