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Eminem: Smarter than we think?

Lawks, check this out, if you've not already been sent it:

Followed up a hunch I had with a little bit of research on the web today, and it appears that i've come up with a result. Something in the back of my mind suggested to me that "eminem" was a Latin word and as far as I can discern, so it is. It's the present subjunctive tense, active voice, first person singular of the verb "to threaten; to menace", meaning simply, "I may threaten / menace" - which is basically what he does to the world and its wife. Intriguing, eh? On the surface of it, "Eminem" is simply a word made from his initials, "M and M", and so this could be entire coincidence...

Which little discovery crystallises some thoughts i've been having on the subject of Eminem this past month; whether it is his stupidity which is faked or whether the possibility of lurking intelligence is a fallacy; a record company confection. To my mind, not even someone in a record company could come up with a latin phrase based on his initials which accurately describes his abrasive style, so it must be either a complete coincidence, or maybe Marshall's a smarter cookie than we previously thought.

Anyone with a BRANE in the house? Is this true?

A site that might help: http://www.quicklatin.com/

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