Day of LISTS, part one

Day of LISTS, part one

OASIS have headed up an entirely arbitrary new chart in today's Metro newspaper...

To accompany a story about the Government relaxing the ban on buskers on London Underground, and said buskers being made to audition before they will be granted a license to perform, they've come up with a list of "Top Tube Tunes", and Wonderwall is at the head of it...

It's a list of golden oldies, with the only other popEx artist being crinkly Bob Dylan with "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"...

The full lineup follows:

    +Wonderwall, Oasis +Streets of London, Ralph McTell +Yesterday, The Beatles +No Woman No Cry, Bob Marley +Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton +Hey Joe, Jimi Hendrix +Hey Jude, The Beatles +Mrs Robinson, Simon and Garfunkel +Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Bob Dylan +American Pie, Don McLean

Bit of a suspicious list, where is "Here Comes The Sun", "All Along The Watchtower" or "Reign In [Blood](/wiki/#blood)"?
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Tue Nov 28 2000

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